Marche 2023

Jesi, Marche

A study trip to deepen our knowledge of the Italian language and culture, in itinerant lessons, moving from city to city and making conversation in unusual places.

“Whether in a museum, or whilst making pasta, or paper, each guide has welcomed our whole group with enthusiasm and expertise, giving an answer to every question, turning each lesson into an unexpected, fantastic opportunity to learn and live unforgettable moments.”

— Elpidio, Brasile

“I was particularly struck by the way in which the feeling of being a group, the group dynamics, if we want to call them like this, emerged almost immediately during the first minutes of our meeting. Despite coming from different continents, countries, religions, professions and cultures, we have something in common: the Italian language and the passion for the concept of Italianness. Our classmates turned from anonymous into concrete and interesting people, and so did the region Marche.”

— Ludo, Belgio

Studio Pensierini is an Italian language school for foreigners which includes students from all around the world. Our study trips are great moments to strengthen our knowledge not only of the Italian language and culture, but also of ourselves and the others”

→ Doing

With our hands we will learn how to craft the paper on which we will take our travel notes, how to cook the typical dishes of the region and how to taste the many types of Verdicchio, recently elected best white wine in the world.

→ Discovering

Following the rivers, which through mountains and hills will lead us to the sea, we will discover museums and theatres, churches and abbeys, emporiums, wineries and our unusual places, which will become for a week the classrooms for our itinerant lessons.

→ Writing

By comparing today’s Italy with the Italy of the Fifties, described in Guido Piovene’s book “Viaggio in Italia”, we will take our travel notes, which will be later collected in a special issue of our magazine.

Read the illustrated travel journals written by the students who were part of the 2022 experience. To read them click here

The next trips to Marche will take place from the 19th to the 25th of June 2023 and from the 4th to the 10th of September 2023. Would you like to sign up? Please fill in this form. We will send you all the information on the trip’s program.

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